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"iPortkey" helps you store all the data you want in your iPhone/iPod Touch.
You can upload and use files through "iPortkey" on any web browser supporting Flash anywhere, anytime.
"iPortkey" supports files of various formats, allowing you to carry and use document files you need. It also helps you enter long texts easily with the Copy & Paste commands in your iPhone/iPod Touch.

What can you do with iPortkey?
Before you start your journey, collect necessary information from the web, store it to iPortkey and enjoy it anywhere, anytime.
Open your document files with iPortkey where you cannot take your PC.
Use your iPhone/iPod Touch as a portable disk.
Before going shopping, collect necessary information, and store it to iPortkey and use it for shopping.
You can do many more things with iPortkey.
With iPortkey, you can use your iPhone as a terrific data center.

Manage files easily.
You can manage files easily using file properties such as category and color.

Open any file you want.
You can open and check 40 different file formats such as document, music and video.

Store necessary data.
iPortkey helps you store and share all the data you want in your iPhone.
You can easily store files, as well as long texts with the Copy & Paste commands.

1. Contents management using web browser (equipped with Lighttpd 1.4.20)
- Use iPhone/iPod Touch as a web server
- File management including file upload
- Enter long texts easily through a web browser in iPhone/iPod Touch
- Security function through HTTP Basic Auth
- Turns server functionality on/off when necessary

2. Supports various file formats
- Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
- Safari WebArchive
- Plain Text
- Image (standard iPhone/iPod Touch format support)
- Video (standard iPhone/iPod Touch format support)
- Audio (standard iPhone/iPod Touch format support)

4. Note input and viewer
- Support copying & pasting of text data through web page
- Input, modify and delete notes through iPhone/iPod Touch

5. Add detailed metadata to each content
- Add category, color, date and location data to each content